Help get NZ’s female and non binary comedians home safe!

Helping New Zealand comedy’s women and non-binary comedians to get home safely.

Working in comedy means late nights, drunk punters hanging about, and always leaving work in the dark. Personal safety is a significant concern. We undertook a short survey of 61 women and non-binary people who were or are in comedy in New Zealand.

  • More than a third of us have been attacked on the way home.
  • 51% have been unable to do comedy gigs because of a lack of safe and affordable transport home.
  • More than one person reported being actually raped on the way home, and a second woman experienced an attempted rape.
  • One woman advised that because she is transgender experiencing violence in public wasn’t unusual anyway.
  • Personal safety was described as a “huge factor” in whether or not one woman accepts gigs, and another said the cost of ubering to and from gigs to stay safe was a “massive financial burden.”

We personally (Livi & Amanda from Fan Brigade) have had men threaten to beat us up in the carpark, scream insults in our faces, smack us and physically grope us, but that is tame compared to the horrifying stories that poured privately into our messages when we put out the survey.

The status quo isn’t okay, and it isn’t enough to throw our hands collectively in the air and say oh how awful. Things have to be different now. We all have to get home and the only thing that will make sure this can happen every single time is money!

So come and have a great night with New Zealand’s best comedians at our annual fundraiser:

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